(Demo for testing purposes)

This is inspired by:

Grant Morrisson's New X-Men(A modern school system for superpowered people that is realistically depicted, and the sociopolitical effects of the existence of those people)

Mark Millar's The Ultimates(The foreign politics and the presence of paramilitary metahumans in a world with moral ambiguity)

Gainax's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (The evolution of the story from the ground up towards its larger-than-life elements)

I always thought that, while there are plenty of comics out there that try to depict an environment where young people can learn their powers, there are not many that focus on the academic aspect of it. Most books just tend to ignore such things and jump towards the adventures and the fights. I wanted to create something with a bit of a “Hogwarts” vibe to it, in the sense that it focuses on learning how to use your abilities, getting good grades and the whole social aspect of the school life.

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